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Re: Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme

Patrick Welche <> writes:

> Have a look in graphics/adwaita-icon-theme/files/icon-cache.tmpl
> ah:
> commit a8f0cdd5ce6d636ae59c2a2aa210bc2558b32c25
> Author: nia <>
> Date:   Sun Oct 20 12:46:18 2019 +0000
>     adwaita-icon-theme: Remove librsvg dependency
>     basically copying what freebsd is doing
>     caveat: stuff looks a bit different
> # for gtk-encode-symbolic-svg
> -TOOL_DEPENDS+=         gtk3+>=3:../../x11/gtk3
> -
> that shouldn't have gone...

I looked into this.  It seems that adwaita-icon-theme does not use the
tools at build time, and at install time, it tries to run them if they
are there, while not depending on them.  So this leads to different
behavior depending on ordering.  Perhaps gtk3 runs the tools when it is
installed and both ways end up with the same set of bits.  If so and
that's the plan the comments explaining it are a bit hard to follow!

So it seems we need to decide what to do.

My impression is that these themes are a gtk3 thing, not so much gtk2.

So a possible course of action (floated for comments, while being not
sure if it is sensible):

  1) make adwaita-icon-theme depend on gtk3

  2) add a meta-package that is "gtk3 and necessary themes", depending on
  gtk3 and adwaita-icon-theme.  Perhaps call it x11/gtk3+themes to make
  3 easier.

  3) flip packages that need a theme package to the meta-package

This seems unfortunate.  Another approach could be to join
adwaita-icon-theme's distfile into the gtk3+ build, but that feels icky.

Another would be to make gtk3+ depend on adwaita-icon-theme and be sure
the gtk3 install script did whatever adwaita-icon-theme's install script
should have done had gtk3 been installed.   Hacky, but could be less
total pain.


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