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Re: Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme writes:

> in my quest to get chat/gajim to work properly, I noticed that there's
> a lot of missing dependencies on icon themes in pkgsrc. In particular,
> this had missing dependencies on:
> * adwaita-icon-theme
> * gnome-icon-theme
> * gnome-icon-theme-extras
> * gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
> The result was an unusable UI and even crashes. As a user, someone
> would need to hunt down for these missing dependencies. I believe most
> would just think the package is broken.
> As Gtk 3 now is all-in on client-side decorations, adwaita-icon-theme
> is basically becoming a dependency for Gtk 3: Without it, not even the
> close, maximize or minimize buttons show.
> I'd hereby like to propose to add a dependency on adwaita-icon-theme
> to Gtk3, as well as adding gnome-icon-theme* dependencies where
> necesssary.

Agreed that packages should work out of the box; the hard question is how.

Can you explain a bit further about this?

Are you saying that every program that uses gtk3 will fail without

Or is it that gtk3-using programs typically ask to use that theme, and
don't deal well with it not being there?

What are the consequences of adding these as dependencies?  How big are
they?  What else do they depend on at runtime?  At build time?

It seems odd and not entirely comfortable to have gtk3 depend on
anything gnome.  Is it the case that programs that use gtk3 but not
anything gnome fail without gnome icon theme packages?

Would it be reasonable to have a gtk3-icon-themes package, that
gtk3-using packages should depend on if they use these things?  Or would
that be silly, because 99.9% of them need it?

(I'm not trying to say your proposal is unwise; I'm merely saying that
you haven't explained enough for me to understand whether I agree with

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