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Letting gtk3 depend on adwaita-icon-theme


in my quest to get chat/gajim to work properly, I noticed that there's a lot of missing dependencies on icon themes in pkgsrc. In particular, this had missing dependencies on:

* adwaita-icon-theme
* gnome-icon-theme
* gnome-icon-theme-extras
* gnome-icon-theme-symbolic

The result was an unusable UI and even crashes. As a user, someone would need to hunt down for these missing dependencies. I believe most would just think the package is broken.

As Gtk 3 now is all-in on client-side decorations, adwaita-icon-theme is basically becoming a dependency for Gtk 3: Without it, not even the close, maximize or minimize buttons show.

I'd hereby like to propose to add a dependency on adwaita-icon-theme to Gtk3, as well as adding gnome-icon-theme* dependencies where necesssary.


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