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Re: Deciding on wich variant(s) of OpenBLAS library to install

>>> Yes. This is the mess I want to avoid. I would like all pkgsrc
>>> packages using one BLAS, but still see value in providing the
>>> others to users to  
>> presumably you mean in any one consistent build.
> Yes, all things built inside pkgsrc shall use one BLAS by default, but
> users building their own software on top can choose their BLAS from the
> ones installed by pkgsrc (possibly getting an inconsistent binary as a
> result).

I am unclear on how this solves the problem without creating worse ones.

If I as a developer of scientific software have a program that links both to BLAS and to libfoo, but libfoo also links to BLAS, then there is a conflict right?  I will be forced to use the pkgsrc-blessed BLAS.  If so, how can I develop anything on top of a pkgsrc like this?  At that point, pkgsrc becomes useful only for applications compiled within pkgsrc (or being satisfied with whatever BLAS has been selected) and it becomes useless as a tool for developers to deploy an array of needed libraries for their development work.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding things, but this would be a massive step backwards.  Please clarify how this use case would be accommodated.

Thanks a lot.


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