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Re: Deciding on wich variant(s) of OpenBLAS library to install

On 02/19/18 02:39, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
Am Sun, 18 Feb 2018 08:29:38 -0600
schrieb Jason Bacon <>:

The FreeBSD strategy appears to be serial and with pthreads by default
and an option to use openmp instead.  I think this is a reasonable
approach that makes all options
available in a safe way.
Any idea about all the extra files in PLIST besides libopenblas itself?
Should we also duplicate things for libopenblasp (like pkgconfig)? Also
the CMake thing?

Where do you get your cblas.h from? Or lapacke?

Alrighty then,


On third thought, it might be a good idea to install both pthreads and openmp libs, based on what you reported about known issues with one or the other.  This would provide more flexibility for binary dependent packages - they can use whichever one works best.  I don't think it's important to follow the libopenblasp naming convention from other package managers.  The main thing is providing a stable serial lib in and offering options for parallel libs to anyone willing to deal with the complexities.

I'd leave out cblas.h and keep that in a separate cblas package. I had a discussion about this a while back that I don't fully recall, but someone convinced me that this was the right approach.  At the very least, we'd have to deal with a conflict with the cblas package.  Take a look at wip/plink, which uses cblas, blas, and lapack.  We should be able to substitute openblas for blas and leave the rest as-is.  This is on my to-do list and the reason I started the openblas-devel package.  I've already tested a new FreeBSD port with this combo:

I think it's a good idea to install pkgconfig and cmake files if it's straightforward and doesn't cause any problems.  Again, I think we have time to experiment with this.  Maybe leave them out for the first commit, focus on thoroughly testing the basics, and add them later?



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