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Re: Deciding on wich variant(s) of OpenBLAS library to install

As I really would like to get going implementing something, people are
waiting for updated software …

Am Tue, 27 Feb 2018 09:18:05 -0600
schrieb Jason Bacon <>: 

> As long as I can make a dependent package use any of the available blas 
> implementations and I can install
> them all on the same cluster, I'm happy.

Is it enough for you to be able to override a global default in your
install of a dependent package (mk.conf) or do we have a hard
disagreement here about the depending packages defaulting to different
BLAS libs?

I hope I made my point clear in the other lengthy mails. Regarding
compatibility of different BLAS implementations to dependent packages:
Disregarding parallelization choices, where we should never impose a
multithreaded default on the user, IMHO, as it depends to much on the
use case after all (a slight change from my initial opinion,
considering that HPC installations are _not_ the norm), any
compatibility issues are about telling the package to use the correct
library name. The standards for BLAS and LAPACK API are so stable, with
straight-forward mathematical correctness tests, that we really should
not consider some package being incompatible with a certain BLAS once
we hacked a generic choice of BLAS LDFLAGS into the build, which most
builds explicitly offer. Exactly because the long-term practice in HPC
is to provide your BLAS linking flags for the system at hand.

If we still disagree, I am eagerly awaiting your arguments to the
contrary, but I would prefer finally getting on with adding the
switches to pkgsrc and building a refreshed software stack with
consistent BLAS for our users.

I'll forget about openblas cmake files 'n stuff for now. I'll happily
start with the openblas-devel package and add the second parallel
variant to it.

Alrighty then,


Dr. Thomas Orgis
Universität Hamburg
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