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Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

Hey folks,

you may have seen membar_* changes suggested by Taylor on tech-kern,
and a minor part of that are bug fixes to the sparc implementations.
These are very important, as for example it is impossible to run
threaded sparc userland programs under COMPAT_NETBSD32 on sparc64 SMP
machines - and this includes most parts of our automatic tests.

This is a bit tricky if we want to support single libs compiled both for
sparcv8 and older, because:

 - we currently only support multiprocessor sparc machines with v8 cpus
   (so the relevant barrierrs mostly reduce to nop on others)
 - the proper barrier for v8 machines requires a v8-only instruction

My theory is that there are no working v7 machines out there any more,
and if there are, they are permanently turned off. My last SparcStation 2
died many years ago (and I didn't bother to repair whatever broke).

Anyone here actually using a pre v8 machine?


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