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Re: Anyone have working pre-v8 machines?

Le mar. 5 avr. 2022 à 19:58, Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> a écrit :
> Anyone here actually using a pre v8 machine?

I have a working IPX running 9.0, but I'll likely try to update it at some point if it is still supported (I'm still on 9.0 as that's what I use to develop for the SBusFPGA on a SS20, but trying the SBusFPGA in the IPX is on the TODO list).

I also have several other "working" (read: last time I tried) pre-v8 machines ; my 4/330 is running NetBSD, though it hasn't been turned on since around 2019. I also have a SS2 clone known to work, but it has SunOS 4 on it at the moment. A slew of others have been mothballed working but not tried in a (long) while.


Romain Dolbeau

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