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Re: successful boot report

The SCSI card is a Symbios Logic 53c875, the network card a DEC 21140A,
the CD/DVD is ATAPI, and the disks are at ID 0 and 1:

It's 'spelt' "DEC 21140A" but is pronounced "Tulip" :>

I have had an Adaptec 39160 SCSI card in (note that a 29160 does not work),
but that lost against a lightning strike.  The IDE controller is the same
(horrible) chipset that also appears in some Sun machines (U5, U10, etc.):

 cmdide0: CMD Technology PCI0646 (rev. 0x01)

Also B&W smurf-tower Mac's. They have a DMA bug. There's some sofware work-arounds that prevent the chain locking up.

You might be able to use the u160 cotnroller inside nbsd. I had a ds20 driving a yum-cha brand SATA controller after a bit of kernel fiddling. You can't boot of it, but heck.. load the kernel off some old scsi disk or MOP and go gang-busters from there. Also with with u160's eg the i2o dev I have, I had to first set it up in a PeeCee and set all the disks to jbod and save the config to the card because I couldn't drive the bios on the alpha and the rotten thing wouldn't come up in 'dumb mode' and present the drives. First had to go make separate vdisks for each vol.


 Al Boyanich
 adb -w -P "world> " -k /dev/meta/galaxy/ksyms /dev/god/brain

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