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Re: ffmpeg3 "x11" option vs "vaapi", "vdpau" options

Greg Troxel writes:
> It strikes me that the notion of having options "enabled but masked" is
> a basically wrong thing to do.   If those options (that I don't
> understand) depend on x11 being enabled to be sensible, it seems that
> the build of ffmpeg3 should be fail hard with either and not x11.
> There is probably also an underlying test for the vaapi/vdpau options
> that if present assumes that x11 was enabled.   That could probably be
> tracked down and fixed, but it seems best to avoid the inconsistency in
> the first place.

Maybe yes, that's kludgy, but the original rationale of it was that
who have `-x11' in PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS probably mean "do not pick
any X11 dependency if possible" but when vdpau and vaapi were
introduced to ffmpeg* this was no longer true for them.

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