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Re: ffmpeg3 "x11" option vs "vaapi", "vdpau" options

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> What is interesting is that the failure of "minidlna" due to "vaapi"
> and "vdpau" options in "ffmpeg3" depends on the _installed package_
> and not the current values of the various PKG*OPTIONS* variables.
> With ffmpeg3 built and installed with "vaapi" and "vdpau" enabled (but
> masked due to "-x11"), it does not matter if I add "-vaapi -vdpau" to
> "PKG_OPTIONS.ffmpeg3".  Minidlna will claim that it requires X11 and
> fail to build because "/usr/X11R6" was not found.

It strikes me that the notion of having options "enabled but masked" is
a basically wrong thing to do.   If those options (that I don't
understand) depend on x11 being enabled to be sensible, it seems that
the build of ffmpeg3 should be fail hard with either and not x11.

There is probably also an underlying test for the vaapi/vdpau options
that if present assumes that x11 was enabled.   That could probably be
tracked down and fixed, but it seems best to avoid the inconsistency in
the first place.

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