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Re: pkgsrc wip discussions

Time to change the subject I think.

On 2016-12-20 11:57 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
That's a fair point.   I am trying to balance muddle in wip and people
who want to still build things being able to.  But I asked on port-xen
if there are any such actual people.  Maybe there aren't.

Not just build but maintain. There must be some place to download old packages. Even if someone wanted to build from source CVS will let them get the last version.

 1. No further subdivisions so everything is thrown into the same
pot. I understand that subdivisions are not possible if it is going to
work within the pkgsrc framework.

True, but semi-intractable.

You mean modify the packages to include files up an extra level? Sounds like a major project for someone.

 2. No regular culling.  Once a package moves into the pkgsrc tree it
should probably be removed from WIP.  I'm not even sure how easy it
would be to identify them at this point.

Generally people remove them when packages move into pkgsrc.
If you find things in wip that have newer or same in pkgsrc, feel free
to delete them.

I tried to do that once but it's hard. For one thing, I am not sure that it is my place to remove someone else's package. For another, there may be differences and they may be there on purpose.

If there was a rule that no package can be in the main tree and wip at the same time I wouldn't mind going through them. It could even be automated.

 1. No package can be created in wip if it is already in the main tree.
 2. No package can be created in the main tree if it is still in wip.

This means that wip is meant for creating new packages that are not already in the tree. If someone wants to work on improving/upgrading existing packages they can do so in a local copy and PR a patch.

A daily script could report any violations for human correction.

Adding more packages that are never going to be moved back into the
main tree seems to be exacerbating the problems.

I see that, but really I think the size of wip is so big that a few more
that are parked from removal is not the real issue, compared to packages
still in wip that have even less of a point.

Might be a slippery slope.

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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