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Re: pkgsrc wip discussions

D'Arcy Cain <> writes:

>> Generally people remove them when packages move into pkgsrc.
>> If you find things in wip that have newer or same in pkgsrc, feel free
>> to delete them.
> I tried to do that once but it's hard.  For one thing, I am not sure
> that it is my place to remove someone else's package.  For another,
> there may be differences and they may be there on purpose.


> If there was a rule that no package can be in the main tree and wip at
> the same time I wouldn't mind going through them.  It could even be
> automated.
>  1. No package can be created in wip if it is already in the main tree.
>  2. No package can be created in the main tree if it is still in wip.
> This means that wip is meant for creating new packages that are not
> already in the tree.  If someone wants to work on improving/upgrading
> existing packages they can do so in a local copy and PR a patch.

A local copy and PR is more awkward for everyone.  So we do encourage
people to clone packages into wip and adapt to new versions.

However, we could have a rule that this has to be explained in the
Makefile, or assume that a new version in wip is ok.

Overall, though i look for things in wip by "ls -d wip/*foo*", and only
pay attention to what I'm looking for or what someone asks for help on.

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