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Re: Shouldn't "make replace" pull in pkgtools/pkg_tarup?

  > It certainly would be nice if invoking 'make replace' ensured that
  > pkg_tarup was installed.  (pkg_tarup can be built out of pkgsrc, so I
  > don't think it belongs in bootstrap.)

  Or put it on pkgsrc/mk/scripts?

I suppose it could go there, but it's something that users use, and can
write scripts to use, so it really belongs in /usr/pkg/bin with a man
page. A script that I am going to add to the pkg_rolling-replace package
uses it, for example, to ensure that there are saved binary packages for
all packages before beginning an upgrade.

I find the current situation not broken enough to spend a lot of time on
it.  Were someone to send a patch to have make replace cause pkg_tarup
to be built I would look at it and either commit it or explain why I'm
not commiting it.

An alternative is to have make replace not save up the package.
For me it's always deleted when I make clean anyway.

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