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Re: Shouldn't "make replace" pull in pkgtools/pkg_tarup?

 >> "BOOTSTRAP_PACKAGES should be installed before anything else"
 >>   Is this
 >>     1) fully correct
 >>     2) good enough (full) description
 >> And I still don't see a full list of such packages. How to obtain them all?

> It depend on the situation, then BOOTSTRAP_PACKAGES have the list.
You probably mean BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS (Originally this was my mistype)?

It contains per-package list.  I said about FULL, i.e., global list
for all packages. It is needed for bulk build software. Full
dependancy graph is required and it is impractical to run 'make
show-var VARNAME=BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS' for every package to obtain it.
It is also not good to hardcode two static values: digest and

> Requirement of pkgtools/digest is depend on a package has 
> distfiles/patchfiles.
That is digest is required for almost all pkgsrc packages.
I still don't see reasons why "Optional Infrastructure" exist.

> Requirement of sysutils/checkperm is depend on PKG_DEVELOPER is defined.
BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS should be documented somewhere or (better)
completely removed (or at least keeping it empty by default,
allowing users to add wget etc.).

> Requirement of pkgtools/pkg_tarup is depend on invoked target
> (replace-tarup, tarup,...).

> Then do you know where and how to define BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS+=pkg_tarup?
I didn't say about adding pkg_tarup to BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS.
I said about making pkg_tarup a part of pkgsrc bootstrap.
The same for digest and checkperms.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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