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Re: Shouldn't "make replace" pull in pkgtools/pkg_tarup?

On 2008/10/28, at 23:45, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:

BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS means not the package itself require it,
the Pkgsrc infrastructure require it.
Of course I understand it.

That's all, it is clear for me.

For example, I has used BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS+=wget for some packages
because of failed to fetch with tnftp (need http cookie).
This is for in-place package building. Right?  In case of distbb,
tools like wget,rsync,sudo,screen etc. are installed to /usr/ pkg_distbb and
are not touched at all while bulk building.

Yes, for pkgsrc infrastructure, not for your distbb.

pkg_tarup cannot be added to BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS, because after enter
"replace" target, the pkgsrc can detect of need of pkg_tarup,
but it's too late, resolving dependency stage is already done.
I don't understand this. If tnftp and wget can be added BOOTSTRAP_DEPENDS,
why pkg_tarup cannot. 'make replace' is run after 'make depends'.

Why do you know 'make replace' will be run after 'make depends'?
I naver use 'make replace'.

Why "make replace" is required for DISTBB?
It is not _required_ but _may_ be used instead of 'make install'
for bootstrap packages always installed and marked as "not for deletion".

It seems you are trying to destdir build & create binary package and use it.
Then why not do pkg_delete -ff and pkg_add?

The pkgsrc should handle build time tools dependency and
package dependency (library dependency, runtime tools, and so on)
separetely (HOST and TARGET?).
It also improve cross build with pkgsrc...
I think crossbuilding is completely different and much harder question.
Currently distbb doesn't support crossbuilding.

Is pkgsrc ready for it?
  0 ~>grep -i 'cross.*build' /srv/pkgsrc/doc/pkgsrc.txt
* pkgtools/libkver: Spoof kernel version for chrooted cross builds.
  0 ~>

It's not only for xorg packages, I did cross build some other packages.

"Of course I love NetBSD":-)
OBATA Akio /

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