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Re: Shouldn't "make replace" pull in pkgtools/pkg_tarup?

 >>  >> Currently there are three categories of packages
 >>  >> 1) a part of bootstrap (pkg_install, tnftp, bmake, nawk etc.)
 >>  >> 2) generic packages
 >>  >> 3) implicit dependencies, e.g. pkgtools/digest,  sysutils/checkperms 
 >> etc.
 >>  >>
 >>  >> Is category 3 is really necessary? Why not to make those packages a
 >>  >> part of bootstrap and make things easier?
 >>> sysutils/checkperms isn't used, unless you set PKG_DEVELOPER.
 >> Anyway, I don't understand why pkgtools/digest, sysutils/checkperms
 >> and pkgtools/tarup are not a part of bootstrap.

> At least checkperms and tarup are not necessary,
> same with digest, which is (seems to be) used only when building from source.

Ok. You stated that category 3 can be defined as "packages required for
building from source but not needed for handling binaries". Right?
How about nawk/pdksh/bmake?

I still don't see a _definition_.
"Not essential" doesn't look fair enough.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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