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Re: Importing tmux into base

> But there must still be some packages that you have to build and
> install.  How do you handle those?  I am not being argumentative
> here.  I honestly want to know.

I'm not clear whether I'm an example of the people you're curious
about.  In case I am...welll, strictly, I don't.  Build packages, that
is.  If I want something like ghostscript or rsync, I go and fetch the
source from wherever its author(s) make it available from and build it

pkgsrc is not suitable for multiple reasons.  Binary packages aren't
suitable for my use at all, because I don't run binaries I didn't build
myself.  And I've got a good deal of bludgeoning into shape either way,
because the pkgsrc version always does at least a few, usually many,
things wrong (where "wrong" = "not how I want").

It's all a question of target market, really.  pkgsrc, and NetBSD in
general (though the latter less so so far), is for people who would
prefer to take an "I don't know what's going on and I don't care; I
want it to Just Work" attitude.  That point of view is pretty close to
anathema to me - I prefer to understand and work with things at as many
levels as I can.  I don't do a perfect job of it, not by a long shot,
but I wnat to do better, not worse.  And pkgsrc would lead to my doing
worse, or else would lead to my doing more work than without.

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