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Importing tmux into base


tmux [1] is a GNU screen replacement.  It is BSD-licensed, much easier
to configure, follows a client/server model (which allows e.g. moving
windows across sessions), and has faster scrolling when using vertical
windows.  These are just to name a few features I have experienced
myself.  Also, the author is very responsible to any emails sent to
the tmux mailing list which would help in fixing any issues we might

tmux is in the base system of FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and such a utility
(well, GNU screen) is in the common toolkit of any administrator.  I
personally find myself installing tmux (or screen) as the very first
package on any new system, and I am sure I am not alone.

A quick search shows that the import of tmux into base was discussed a
while ago [2] but the discussion died early and there was no decision
made as far as I can tell.  So I am bringing this topic up again:

What do people think about importing tmux into base?

(Note that I am not proposing the removal of window(1) just yet.  Doing
that ensures a separate bike^Wdiscussion.)



Julio Merino

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