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Re: Importing tmux into base

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 01:19:21PM -0600, David Young wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 04:14:16PM +0100, Marc Balmer wrote:
> > Why does the base system only have to provide the bare minimum?  I want
> > a useable system, and not only a skeleton.
> I'm glad you asked that question.  I think that NetBSD is sinking below
> the threshold of usefulness for daily computing because it does not come
> with the tools to do type and quality of work that's expected these
> days.

My personal opinion is that a large number of very talented and dedicated
people are employed by entities with large budgets specifically to
produce systems (many Unix-based) "for daily computing" and that it
makes little sense for NetBSD to try to compete with them.  I do not
believe "all things to all people" is the right choice for any project,

Certainly it is possible to purchase a nicely packaged Unix laptop or
desktop for daily general computing use.  I don't see a lot of point
to trying to compete with Apple in that segment of the market -- as much
as I gripe about their failure to do lots of _other_ things well.

That said, my needs are not everyone else's needs, my desires are not
everyone else's desires, and what I want to work on, in this
volunteer proejct, is not necessarily what anyone or everyone else
wants to work on.  The key thing has to be a sensible balance of all
the competing desires, with some amount of care and taste applied by

I happen to think we already have that, which makes this kind of meta
discussion something of a bikeshead...


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