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Re: regression (crash) in sysmon/acpiacad

On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 04:28:28PM +0100, Matthias Drochner wrote:
> Well, just a hypothesis, but I'd suggest to use
> getmicrouptime() for these checks.

Few other issues I have been discussing with Paul:

        * The following sensors should be removed: technology,
          low capacity, and warning capacity. These are not really
          something that should be "sensed".

        * The low and warning capacity should be plugged into the
          limits-code in sysmon_envsys(9).

        * The alarm trip-point could be enabled, but so that also it changes
          when user changes the limits via envsys.conf(5).

        * The information value of the "technology" sensor is close to
          nothing. As a value zero indicates non-chargeable (e.g. 
          alkaline-manganese) batteries, it is (almost) guaranteed that on
          ACPI-powered (x86) laptops the value is always one. (And the
          current code does not even handle properly non-chargeable
        * The design capacity should be the maximum of the last known full
          charge capacity, which is the maximum of the present capacity. 
          This is useful for checking the overall "health" of deteriorating
          (lithium-ion) batteries.

        * Likewise, the design voltage could be the maximum of the present

        * Sensors that have a maximum should report also percentages in
          relation to these maximums. From the usability point of view, this
          is probably almost always the right choice.

These are pending because of some issues in relation to sysmon_envsys(9).

- Jukka.

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