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Re: regression (crash) in sysmon/acpiacad

On Thu, 4 Feb 2010, Matthias Drochner wrote: said:
Please update to rev 1.78 of src/sys/dev/sysmon/sysmon_envsys_events.c
 and try again.

Thanks -- I just managed to run low on battery with a new kernel.
I can confirm that the problem is fixed, the box runs well until
graceful shutdown by the "sensor_battery" script.

But -- since my battery was low anyway I did another test, whether
it behaves well if the userland "powerd" is not running. It does not.
I'd expect it to hit the cpu_reboot() call in sysmon_penvsys_event()
eventually, but it did not. It didn't even update the "charge"
value visible in envstat(8) -- this stayed at "6.00%" (this is where
I killed "powerd") even when the red battery LED on my (Dell)
laptop started to light permanently, which happens below 3% (the
"low cap" limit).
This used to work, so there is another regression.

OK, we'll look into it. Since the charge value was not updating, it might be that the ACPI Notify isn't working here. Perhaps we should not rely on this, and put the refresh() routine back... Since I don't have any battery-powered devices, I'll defer to Jukka to see what we can do.

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