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Re: device matching at mainbus

Mouse wrote:

> >>> But I can't even read a NetBSD Manual..think I have to install a
> >>> native System on my VS4000/90 or install a "cross manual system"..
> >> In most respects, a NetBSD install on any other architecture will do
> >> as well.  [...cross-builds...]
> > When you say "any NetBSD will do" .. I had to install it on some
> > machine anyway, so I can also use the VS4000/90 that sits unused
> > below the Table and have a VAX host.
> That might be a good choice.  It's always helpful to not have to use
> cross-arch dev tools.
> > An other problem is the disk size, will 4GB from $manufacturer work
> > or are there some disksize related problems?
> "I don't know."  I think that uses SCSI, in which case, as I understand
> it, there are basically three possibilities: (1) the hardware works
> only for 6-byte CDBs; (2) the hardware works with 10-byte and/or
> 16-byte CDBs, but the ROM code knows only 6-byte; (3) the hardawre and
> ROM code both handle 10- or 16-byte CDBs.
> (1) means that only the first 1G of the disk is accessible even if the
> disk is larger, and that this applies to both ROM and OS.  (2) means
> that anything the ROM reads (bootblocks and kernel) has to be in the
> first 1G, but that once the OS is up it can access the rest.  (3) means
> no 1G limit even for ROM use.
> There's the further possibility that the ROM code might get confused by
> a disk that reports its capacity as greater than 2G or maybe 4G.
> I have no basis for more than wild guesses at which case applies to
> your 4k/90.

I thought I have somethin read about the 4000/90 and the different firmware
versions, meyybe I just have to use google :-)

> > Maybe I have to search for an AUI to TP Module
> I suspect that anything AUI is getting rare these days, with only
> nutcases like me still keeping such things around.  (If you were closer
> I could set you up with something useful....)

This wasn't meant so, I do have such beasts, but one is used from the
rtVAX already, one is on my trusty PDP11/83 called eleven and the third one I
remember of is BNC... lets see.. think I'll find one or I have to
disconnect the PDP in the meantime..
> > and have to crimp some MMJ to [DE9] cables..
> I find that a normal 6P6C modular connector works fine if you cut off
> half of the locking tab.  It doesn't lock, of course, but it may be
> good enough for "get it working" use.

I know, have done this when I repaired the DECServer 300 :-) (huh? The
cable must be somewhere, maybe it fits electrically)

In the meantime I got MMJ Plugs from rs-online.com, Part Number 485-899.
I think I should still have 10 pcs and I have a crimp tool that fits..
> > Is there an X-server vor the VS4000/90?
> Probably.  I don't know of any, though; I can't recall ever even
> _trying_ to use X on any of my VAXen.  If I can get my VAX stuff in
> shape, I can have a stab at getting X working on one of my machines, or
> maybe help you with it if you don't mind using relatively antique X.
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I've installed VMS and DEC Windows on that thing ... but ... I wouldn't
miss anything If I hadn't done that :-)
I know that the framebuffer console support is to be called sick and I
remember that this wasn't better on a HP9000/720 20 years before..
At least the console is only usable with X on the VS4000 by VMS..

That's why I think about making a console cable, forgot how to switch the
console in the meantime...



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