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Re: device matching at mainbus

>> The closest I've come to this was when I added a pseudo-bus at
>> mainbus, which [...]

> Thanks Mouse, but I don't think that this is of much help.

I'm not surprised.  It's just about as close as I have to expertise in
the area of what you were talking about, as near as I could tell.

> For one that doesn't know much about those things.  this is like hell
> trying to learn how it should be done at all.

Yeah, it would be.  You're not only doing a port to previously
unsupported hardware - itself a nontrivial task - you're having to do,
at the same time, all the learning that would normally be done first.
(I would not suggest trying to port to a new VAX to someone who didn't
already know both the VAX itself and the OS in question.  I'm impressed
at how much you've done despite having all that extra learning to do.)

> <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost>: host
> Sparkle-4.Rodents-Montreal.ORG[]
>     refused to talk to me: [...]

This is rather off-topic for port-vax, so all I'll say in this mail is
to suggest using mouse%openface.ca@localhost instead, which I think should
sidestep that, for the time being at least.  We can discuss the issue
itself once we're not doing it on an off-topic mailing list.

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