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Re: device matching at mainbus

>>> But I can't even read a NetBSD Manual..think I have to install a
>>> native System on my VS4000/90 or install a "cross manual system"..
>> In most respects, a NetBSD install on any other architecture will do
>> as well.  [...cross-builds...]

> When you say "any NetBSD will do" .. I had to install it on some
> machine anyway, so I can also use the VS4000/90 that sits unused
> below the Table and have a VAX host.

That might be a good choice.  It's always helpful to not have to use
cross-arch dev tools.

> An other problem is the disk size, will 4GB from $manufacturer work
> or are there some disksize related problems?

"I don't know."  I think that uses SCSI, in which case, as I understand
it, there are basically three possibilities: (1) the hardware works
only for 6-byte CDBs; (2) the hardware works with 10-byte and/or
16-byte CDBs, but the ROM code knows only 6-byte; (3) the hardawre and
ROM code both handle 10- or 16-byte CDBs.

(1) means that only the first 1G of the disk is accessible even if the
disk is larger, and that this applies to both ROM and OS.  (2) means
that anything the ROM reads (bootblocks and kernel) has to be in the
first 1G, but that once the OS is up it can access the rest.  (3) means
no 1G limit even for ROM use.

There's the further possibility that the ROM code might get confused by
a disk that reports its capacity as greater than 2G or maybe 4G.

I have no basis for more than wild guesses at which case applies to
your 4k/90.

> Maybe I have to search for an AUI to TP Module

I suspect that anything AUI is getting rare these days, with only
nutcases like me still keeping such things around.  (If you were closer
I could set you up with something useful....)

> and have to crimp some MMJ to [DE9] cables..

I find that a normal 6P6C modular connector works fine if you cut off
half of the locking tab.  It doesn't lock, of course, but it may be
good enough for "get it working" use.

> Is there an X-server vor the VS4000/90?

Probably.  I don't know of any, though; I can't recall ever even
_trying_ to use X on any of my VAXen.  If I can get my VAX stuff in
shape, I can have a stab at getting X working on one of my machines, or
maybe help you with it if you don't mind using relatively antique X.

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