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Re: device matching at mainbus

Holm Tiffe wrote:

> Martin Husemann wrote:
> > On Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 05:21:49PM +0100, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> > > But I can't even read a NetBSD Manual..
> > 
> > Try http://man.netbsd.org for that.
> > 
> > Martin
> Thanks Martin, will try that.
> Regards,
> Holm

The website suggests trying to use apropos, but apropos means that it has
no whatis.db on the Server ...

I't doesn't seem, that the Manuals have that much use to mee as expected,
nobody is writing an manula Page for scb_vecref() or scb_vecalloc() is
seems, since people using that have to know what they do :-))
(..and the cat is biting in her tail..)

BTW: the SCB Page and Int vectors, altough I've read in the VAX
Architecture Standard Manual, I do have still some questions that are int

There are interrupt levels until 1F and each vector entry has 4 Bytes length
(longword). Int 0 has an offset 0 in the SCB. IPL 14 which is needed for my
console driver has the possible Offsets of 0xF8,0xFC and 0x100.
How is this meant from the rtVAX Manual that the SCN should have an Vector
of 0x2c0 and an IPL 14? The VAX standard lists the Offset above 100 as
Implementaion-dependant...wich says nothing at all.

Given my interrupt routine (scnintr()) whow I have to set up the int vector
in the scb, ist that correct:

scb_vecalloc(IPL_14 (void (*)(void *)) scnintr, sc, SCB_ISTACK, 

The driver wants to generate some soft intrs to drain the ringbuffers,
there is IPL_TTY used (originally on a sgimips) and I haven't found where
this is defined at all (huh?) nevertheless it compiles w/o probs.

        if (scnsir == NULL) {
                /* software intr: calls tty code, hence IPL_TTY */
                scnsir = softint_establish(SOFTINT_SERIAL, scnsoft, NULL);

The "vec alloc" code on the mis looked like this:

cpu_intr_establish(duartno, IPL_TTY, scnintr, duart);

..where that IPL_TTY is used. I think on a VAX the soft int has nothing
todo with the IPL as such, ist this right?

...hope that someone knows...


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