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Re: device matching at mainbus

> I'll ask you again If I think that it helps, ok?

Sure, you're welcome to ask me anytime, provided it's OK if I end up
answering "I don't know" - or, occasionally, "I don't have the leisure
to think/talk about that now".

> But I can't even read a NetBSD Manual..think I have to install a
> native System on my VS4000/90 or install a "cross manual system"..

In most respects, a NetBSD install on any other architecture will do as
well.  If you install something recent enough (2.0? 3.1? I forget when
it came in), you can even do cross-builds.  I don't recommend them for
most purposes (for vax especially; ISTR an issue which was hidden for
months by cross-building, and it was on vax), but they can be very
useful for doing an initial bootstrap build.

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