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Re: building userland with a netbooted system

>>> I tried the latest 5.1 source [...]
>> As I understand it, 5.1 is released and thus is frozen, so "latest"
>> is pretty meaningless as applied to it.
> I used cvs checkout -r netbsd-5-1 -P src,

I'm not entirely sure what that will get you.  My guess would be 5.1.2
plus what (probably little) has been pulled up to the branch since, but
someone who understands the current management of branches in the CVS
tree would be better able to speak to that.

> In this message someone talked about raising some limits in m68k or
> maybe just port-amiga.  Here is a link:
> http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-m68k/2012/06/13/msg000340.html

I'm not entirely sure, but, as I read that, it's all about something
68k-specific and thus has no relevance to macppc.

>> I dug out my macppc machine (a 7300 with a G3 CPU upgrade).  It has,
>> as I thought, 4.0.1 on it.  I have 5.2 cross-building from amd64;
>> once it's built I'll put it on the drive (there's plenty of spare
>> space) and try a native build.

I actually realized this would not be as useful as it could be, because
it's 5.2 plus my assorted hackery.

I've now installed stock straight-off-ftp.netbsd.org 5.2 macppc on it.
Two installs, actually.  See below.

> I should have explained this better.  I want to [...]

Yeah, that's mildly complicated.  But, especially with a slow NFS
server, you quite possibly will gets results quicker by doing the build
on local disk and copying the resulting file(s) to the NFS server.

> If did the transfer now to the Blue & White that I have here, I could
> then test to see if it would compile.  If it did, I can tar it,t
> saving the file on another system that is here locally with ssh.
> Then I can untar that on my local nfsd server to see if everthing
> will be ok first, before uploading to another system.  I should be
> able to just untar the same file on the drive, I would think.  This
> would probably be the better solution by far.

> Unless you know of a better way?

Sounds reasonably sensible to me.  But of course, I can't be certain I
have my head entirely around what you mean.

My macppc machine is now doing a build of the 5.2 world diskless,
completely stock 5.2 install and completely stock 5.2 source tree.
If/when that completes normally I'll redo the build on local disk.
I'll report back here in any case.

If you doubt the integrity of your souce tree, I'd be happy to send you
checksums of mine or some such.  We just need to figure out a way - I
have programs designed for this, but getting them to build might be
more work than it's worth for you.  I certainly could send you SHA-1
checksums or some such.

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