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Re: building userland with a netbooted system


On Sun, 17 Feb 2013, Mouse wrote:
I tried the latest 5.1 source and it did get a little bit farther (I

As I understand it, 5.1 is released and thus is frozen, so "latest" is
pretty meaningless as applied to it.

I used cvs checkout -r netbsd-5-1 -P src, the old source I was trying to use, I used cvs to get in the summer or fall of 2011.

I guess then I don't understand. So, maybe what I did was not that significant then. I use satellite internet and most times it takes a lot of effort to download anything. Since cvs seems to fail so much over the satellite, I use cvs on a system that is in another location, tar it, and then download it. There was an nfsd bug and when I updated the source with cvs and then compiled and instaledl it, that system became stable. In fact, I don't know if it crashed again. I want to make sure that I have source that is newer than this, because I use nfs all the time.

In this message someone talked about raising some limits in m68k or maybe just port-amiga. Here is a link: http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-m68k/2012/06/13/msg000340.html (I can't find the email where someone said they committed these changes. I am not sure how to find out if it was added to NetBSD 5.1 or just to NetBSD 6 or if it was even put in at all. It would be nice to have the source with these changes in them too, because I would like to use the same source on all my systems. Although, I have heard that NetBSD 6 has -m68060 bug in gcc creating compiling issues.

Still does not complete the build. Here is a link:

Quoting from that,

/usr/src/../tools/bin/powerpc--netbsd-ar cq libedit_pic.a [...]
nbmake: don't know how to make nbmake:. Stop

I have no clue what's wrong here.

I dug out my macppc machine (a 7300 with a G3 CPU upgrade).  It has, as
I thought, 4.0.1 on it.  I have 5.2 cross-building from amd64; onjce
it's built I'll put it on the drive (there's plenty of spare space) and
try a native build.

(Back to quoting the email.)

Just wondering if I am doing something wrong when I setup the
netboot.  I untar everything with tar -xzpf.  In the online docs it
says to untar the kernel in one step and then a few steps later to
untar base.tgz and etc.tgz with tar -xvpzf which I would think is
effectively the same thing or is it?

The presence or absence of v doesn't matter except for how noisy it is.

When I did it, I untarred all the tars files in the order they would
they would be in with 'ls'.  Could it matter what order I untar them

Maybe.  I'm not sure; I always unpack base first, then etc, then do the
rest in whatever order is convenient.

I redid my diskless install and I created a 1 GB swap file. Unpacking the kernel, base and then etc first.

I think that I can netboot a live server and then I can transfer the
netbooted install to the hard drive with 'dump | restore',

Yes and no.  Your concept is right but your details are wrong.

You can transfer your netbooted system to a disk and have it work
(you'll also need to set up whatever is needed for disk booting, which
IIRC isn't much for macppc).  But you can't do it with dump and
restore, because dump dumps UFS filesystems, not NFS.

You are absolutely right, there is no way that dump is going to work with NFS.

There are (at least) two possibilities here.  One is, you can do it
with tar (or moral equivalent, eg pax) instead of dump and restore.
The other is, if the filesystem on your NFS server doesn't have
anything but the macppc system on it, you can run dump there and pipe
the dump canister over the net to your macppc machine to restore it
onto the real disk.

Personally, I'd go with tar.  But there are two reasons for that, one
of which does not apply to you and the other of which might: (1) I have
my own tar, which trust to get such things right more than I trust
dump/restore; (2) my NFS server has multiple clients on the same

Actually, I'd suggest doing that transfer now, before you do the build.
That way, your build can be done on real disk, which is likely to be
faster and might even be non-crashy.

This is true. It would be much faster to install to it's hard drive (the NFS server is a 68k).

I should have explained this better. I want to take the diskless install after I compile everything and tar it up, so that I can upload it to another nfsd server in another location. Then I will netboot another G3 Blue & White server there, with the idea that it can be live while I pax the install to one of it's hard drives (the drive I boot off of now).

If did the transfer now to the Blue & White that I have here, I could then test to see if it would compile. If it did, I can tar it,t saving the file on another system that is here locally with ssh. Then I can untar that on my local nfsd server to see if everthing will be ok first, before uploading to another system. I should be able to just untar the same file on the drive, I would think. This would probably be the better solution by far.

Unless you know of a better way?


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