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Re: -current on PowerBook G4 667 (TiBook)

A few more observations:

I mentioned before that Fn-LCmd (in that order) is treated the same as
having pressed the power button.  This is True for Fn-RCmd as well.  The
"Fn" key followed by either Cmd (Open-Apple|"splat"|"propeller") key will
initiate a shutdown from 'powerd', or power off immediately if powerd is
not (or no-longer) running.

Loss of mouse operation is still present and unpredictable even with
'xset m 0 0' executed early in "~/.xinitrc" (I don't dare enable xdm
just yet--otherwise, I'd put it in "/etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0" and or

X terminal emulators frequently cease rendering text or are terminated.
Usually, I'll be on another workspace in 'fvwm2' and when I switch back
to where I had some terminals open, one will be devoid of any content
or just gone.  If it's just blank, 'top' will show that the process
(group) started in that terminal is still running, but there's no more
output.  If the foreground process is waiting for input, it will be
accepted.  This most-often happens to terminals where a lot of output
is being produced (ssh session to remote system running a build, or
local build of packages).

I need to verify that this is true of XTerm as well, since it was cross-
built on i386.  I typically build 'rxvt-unicode' (native, of course) as
one of the first few packages on a system and use it exclusively.  I am
going to arrange for xinit/startx to log stdout/stderr to see what's
going on.

Building packages occasionally fails when the shell glitches and complains
about the package's "configure" script containing an unexpected control
word.  I most often see a complaint about '"fi" unexpected'.  Simply
typing "make <target>" again sees it rerun without complaint, but I have
to wonder...

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