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Re: -current on PowerBook G4 667 (TiBook)

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On Jul 9, 2012, at 9:40 PM, John D. Baker wrote:

I finally decided to make a stab at running -current/macppc on one of
my front-line machines. I have a Titanium PowerBook G4 667MHz (gigabit ethernet) that is otherwise stuck at MacOS X 10.4.11 (10.5.x refuses to
install on anything with a processor speed less than 867MHz).  Only a
tiny fraction of my desired pkgsrc packages will compile for 10.4.11
anymore, so it's time to get serious about ditching MacOS X in favor of

Some observations:

OpenFirware on this machine has to pass everything in the boot command:

 boot enet:0,ofwboot.xcf enet:/netbsd [opts]

or one thing or another will fail. I haven't yet examined my dhcpd logs
to see if there were any special identifiers passed.

On boot, the console code sets up the display (radeonfb) on a 1024x768
window (about 85x30 terminal with GALLANT12x22 font) centered in the
1152x768 display.

I'll need to build a kernel with FORCE_FUNCTION_KEYS as no combination
of modifiers would change the brightness/volume control behavior.

That won't do anything, the brightness/volume button keys have their own driver now which just posts pmf events. Fn-Functionkey gives you the function keys. In OSX there's a setting somewhere buried that controls wether Functionkeys or volume/brightness control comes first. No idea how to do that in NetBSD, although I suspect it's a bit in nvram somewhere where the PMU can see it, since the setting is sticky and stays in effect no matter which OS you boot.

I didn't see it listed in the FAQ or other pages, but I discovered
empirically that the key combination "Fn-LCmd" is treated as though the
power switch was pressed.  The kernel emits a message about the power
switch and the machine powers off.  (I didn't try with RCmd, yet.)

This is weird, I'll see if I can reproduce that. Cmd-Fn-F[1-4] works for switching virtual consoles here ( order is important though )

X11 works rather well although it only opened a 1024x768 display at the
left end of the screen rather than use the full 1152-pixel width.  I
went back later and looked at ...ATY,StoneParent/ATY,Stone_A and its
width and height properties are 0x00000480 and 0x00000300 (1152x768).
ATY,Stone_B is 640x480.

Is there an 'EDID' property?

Fortunately 'twm' and 'fvwm' are navigable with just the left button.
I'll need to look into the xmodmap stuff to simulate other buttons (I
want my middle-button paste!).  At some point, something glitched and
the trackpad lost the X direction, forcing the mouse pointer to the
extreme left on any trackpad event.  The Y direction still worked.
Fortunately, I quickly learned to use fvwm's keyboard navigation.

By default F11 and F12 act as middle and right button. You can change that using sysctl, see adbkbd(4)
Or you could just use a USB mouse.

have fun

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