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Re: kernel ISI trap on macppc after recent changes

Looking a little closer, I found the following:

  Source snapshot    status
  ---------------    ------
    201207181656Z    works
    201207181657Z    panics
  ---------------    ------

In this one-minute difference in source snapshots, the following file
was changed:


Identity of offending file:

  /*      $NetBSD: trap_subr.S,v 1.74 2012/07/18 16:56:51 matt Exp $      */

My out-of-practice eye finds nested conditionals around/inside "dsitrap"
that should both evaluate TRUE on OEA/macppc a little sketchy, but in
the inner conditional changes the order of a few instructions compared
to the previous revision of the file.  Perhaps this is significant?

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