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Re: X11 configuration


On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 15:10:11 -0400
Michael <macallan%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
> On Apr 9, 2009, at 10:01 PM, T. M. Pederson wrote:
> > Except that at the time these logs were generated, it did display (xdm
> > login window). The mouse and keyboard worked normally, too.
> Thanks for finally telling me.

Um, I tried to cover that with the previous message of:
"Setting xdm=YES and wscons=NO gets a login screen, but as soon
as I log in, the system hangs. At least this approach gets
results in the logs."

At the time I wrote it, I took it that "login screen" in conjunction
with "xdm=YES" implied "xdm login." I apologize for not making that

> Another thing you never told me.

I hadn't seen a need to list every element of the mentioned lockup;
I'd meant it as a starting position for discussion. I had expected
that if any potential element might call for further detail, it
would be asked about.

> Thanks for finally sharing some useful details.
> Things crash if you have virtual consoles ( you have wscons with or  
> without them ) - weird, works fine here with virtual consoles. From  
> startx, I never tried xdm.
> So, initially xdm manages to start the Xserver but dies when trying to  
> run a session. Also, startx dies when trying to run a session.
> Anything else you didn't tell me?

That's about as compressed a summary as the March 26 message.

And, I don't know. What else is relevant? I mean, I expect I'm overlooking
*something,* but if no one asks questions to draw my attention to it, I
can't usefully state much here.

> Anyway, when running startx - does the Xserver die right away or do  
> you get the usual default black & white background first? What happens  

Dies right away.

> if you just start the Xserver itself, then start an xterm via ssh and  
> close it again?

Closing the xterm gets an (almost) immediate lockup. I say "almost" as
the pts in which I'd launched xterm had enought time to follow up with
the usual prompt before everthing went tango uniform.

Or, to be explicit:
oasis$ xterm
oasis$ Connection closed by foreign host.

> I suspect your session dies and for some reason the Xserver manages to  
> provoke a panic on exit.

That would fit very closely with what I've seen.

> Does the mini have a reset button?

Sadly no.

> Try this before startx:
> sysctl -w ddb.commandonenter=reboot
> If it's a panic that should reboot the machine and hopefully preserve  
> the panic message in the dmesg buffer.

Oooh. I'd been completely overlooking this (in spite of recent threads
elsewhere mentioning it). Thanks!

Although, sysctl.conf already has ddb.onpanic=0, which I'd expect to
take precedence?

Hmm, this gets nothing: The dmesg buffer just has the kernel boot lines.

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