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Re: PR #40571 - NetBSD Atari install fails to prepare 16GB MTRON SSD on ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge

I can't be sure, but I believe it is just sending a SCSI format command.

My Seagate is probably 10 yrs old at this point so it's probably not what you'd consider modern. It does appear to wipe the drive as it takes a very long time for the format to complete (hours).

The ACARD/MTRON returns from the format command very quickly, which would normally indicate that there was no data re-write. But on the other hand, it is a very fast SSD, so it's a little unclear.

In any case, David Brownlee is investigating.

David Ross

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Subject: Re: PR #40571 - NetBSD Atari install fails to prepare 16GB MTRON SSD on ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge


                                                         Here's the
relevant portion of the dmesg:

This looks fine.

Here's the first part of the MTRON/ACARD disklabel:

Whereas this is wierd.  We must be overflowing somewhere in the disklabel
reading code.

So even though I zero'd the drive, the disklabel is wacky. When I did the zero'ing operation it completed super fast (a few seconds). My assumption
was because the device is a solid state drive.  But I can imagine it's
possible that the ACARD's implementation of the SCSI zero'ing command is
"cheating" and not fully overwriting the disk with zeros.

Is it sending a SCSI format command? Most modern drives return quickly from
that as well and don't actually re-write data.



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