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Re: netbsd-5 install from unmounted gemdos filesystem

On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 11:19 PM, David Brownlee <abs%netbsd.org@localhost> 
>        I've built a test netbsd-5 atari distribution with a patch to
>        allow installing sets from an unmounted gemdos filesystem (just
>        enter 'gemdos' as the filesystem type).
>        Is anyone able to test this - if I get a positive report soon
>        enough we may be able to get this into netbsd-5! :)
>        http://mono.org/abs/atari-gemdos/

I just tried with your FALCON kernel and sysinst.fs.gz (hmm, did I miss
something?), but after installer tries to execute
"/sbin/mount -rt gemdos /dev/wd0f /mnt2" it throws following error message:
mount: mount_gemdos not found for /mnt2

Another nice thing for installer would be check that if it can't find e.g.
netbsd-FALCON.gz kernel it could try netbsd-f.gz (gemdos 8 + 3). :)


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