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Re: PR #40571 - NetBSD Atari install fails to prepare 16GB MTRON SSD on ACARD SCSI to IDE bridge


>                                                          Here's the 
> relevant portion of the dmesg:
> http://i44.tinypic.com/ac5yl3.jpg

This looks fine.

> Here's the first part of the MTRON/ACARD disklabel:
> http://i42.tinypic.com/2lc4sgw.jpg

Whereas this is wierd.  We must be overflowing somewhere in the disklabel
reading code.

> So even though I zero'd the drive, the disklabel is wacky.  When I did the 
> zero'ing operation it completed super fast (a few seconds).  My assumption 
> was because the device is a solid state drive.  But I can imagine it's 
> possible that the ACARD's implementation of the SCSI zero'ing command is 
> "cheating" and not fully overwriting the disk with zeros.

Is it sending a SCSI format command?  Most modern drives return quickly from
that as well and don't actually re-write data.



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