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Re: Newer Apache/Python/PHP/SUSE

On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 02:52:43 +0900, Chuck Silvers <> 

On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 01:51:41AM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
On Thu, 22 Mar 2012 00:27:57 +0900, Chuck Silvers <> 

>when you see the _dl_open assertion that you mentioned before,
>which process is it that's printing that?  can you run opera under
>"ktrace -i" and send me the resulting ktrace.out?

It's operapluginwrapper.
I can see that opera and operapluginwapper are finding for some
extra shared libraries, so some libraries are missing to drive

hmm, I don't see a problem like that on my system.
which libraries are missing for you?

After added some missing rpm packages to suse121_base and suse121_gtk2,
opera now start to play flash videos (but not audio yet).

>>I'll start to import suse121 pakages.
>cool, thanks.


Maybe, default suse for NetBSD>=6 also should be changed to suse121
before pkgsrc-2012Q1.

that would be good, yea.

Please someone(TM) switch the default value, if suse121 packages are
considered as stable.

OBATA Akio /

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