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Re: Newer Apache/Python/PHP/SUSE

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 08:47:03PM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
> >ok, adding that link lets opera find the plugin.
> >I don't get any error when I try to play a youtube video,
> >but it doesn't work either.  it just shows the circle of dots forever.
> >
> >if I go to then the little flash thing
> >near the top of the page loads and displays some stuff, but if I click on
> >"watch an overview of the flash platform", then that video also doesn't work,
> >just shows a white background and sits there.  but no errors from that 
> >either.
> >
> >if I go to and play a video from there, I get a core dump from
> >operapluginwrapper:
> >
> >   508    508 operapluginwrapp CALL  
> > mmap2(0xb8834000,0xa0000,3,0x32,0xffffffff,0)
> >   508    508 operapluginwrapp RET   mmap2 -1199357952/0xb8834000
> >   508    508 operapluginwrapp PSIG  SIGSEGV SIG_DFL: code=SEGV_MAPERR, 
> > addr=0xc, trap=14)
> >   508    508 operapluginwrapp NAMI  "operapluginwrapp.core"
> >
> >now I just need to remember all the tricks I had for debugging this stuff.  
> >:-)
> Good luck :)

the last few stack frames when operapluginwrapper crashes are:


it looks like many other people have had this problem with the flash plugin
dying in PL_HashTableLookupConst, all the top google hits for that name are
about flash.  the best explanation I found is

however, since I had previously run firefox on this system,
$HOME/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini already existed, so there must be
something else that's different in our linux emulation environment
that triggers the same symptom.  hmm, this may be the same reason that flash videos don't work with firefox either.  I don't know
what that is though, I wasn't sufficiently motivated to figure that out
when I was working on all this stuff before since I don't really care
about  :-)

the problem with opera and youtube seems likely to be something else,
but that will be very hard to track down without some obvious event
like a coredump to focus on.  

when you see the _dl_open assertion that you mentioned before,
which process is it that's printing that?  can you run opera under
"ktrace -i" and send me the resulting ktrace.out?

> I'll start to import suse121 pakages.

cool, thanks.


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