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Re: ${PYPKGPREFIX}- for package names (and wip/py-buildbot)

  I can't say I understand half of what you guys are discussing but I
  regularly encounter issues with zope and associated py-modules.

  I use the latest version of python with my own scripts but any time
  the system requires updating, any kind of automation (rolling replace
  namely) refuses to acknowledge I want to update both py24 modules and
  py25/py26. The end result is that only the preferred version modules
  remain, leaving me to figure out what I need to reinstall.

  I haven't checked it lately, so it may not be relevant ... actually,
  this may not be relevant at all but I thought I'd mention it :)

The issues being discussed is that there are some packages that install
files in a python-version-specific directory, but don't have a pyXY-
prefix, and most people think that's a bug.

Your issue is one I've encountered and is a bug/not-yet-implemented
feature in pkg_chk, make replace or pkg_rolling-replace.  As an example,
there is a package py25-foo installed, with the default python version
set to 26.  pkg_chk reports that this package is out of date, perhaps
because 25/26 or perhaps because it's been updated (on the package
version side).  Then pkg_rolling-replace calls 'make replace', and it
finds PKGPATH from the installed package, and builds py26-foo, and when
it tries to deinstall py26-foo fails because it wasn't ever there.

I think the fix is (some of this may be ok already):

  make pkg_chk understand pyNN-foo-X.Y, in that such packages are out of
  date only if foo is at other than X.Y, even if NN

  make the way make replace checks for old versions also respect this

  that might be it, but pkg_rolling-replace might need some fixes too.
  Perhaps an option to add packages pyPVD-foo if that doesn't exist and
  there is a pyOV-foo.  Or perhaps only if one is changing the default
  version of python.  Presently changing the default version is messy.

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