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Re: pkg_comp - asking for setup tips

    Date:        Tue, 14 Jul 2009 07:14:36 -0400
    From:        "Martin S. Weber" <>
    Message-ID:  <20090714111436.GA6811%agamemnon.entropie.local@localhost>

  | Ok, I set it up, build all my packages in one go, then tear it down again.

I'm not as pure (each package in a clean env) as I think I should be,
doing that better would do better on dependency error detection - I tend
to build a set of related packages (that use a fairly common set of
dependencies) between arena rebuilding - that way avoids re-installing
the dependencies over and over again (I pkg-delete the package I'm building
when it is done, but nothing that was installed a a side-effect)

The removeroot/makeroot cycle also allows building stuff that cannot
co-exist because of conflicts (if I had time, I'd see about fixing all
the ones of those that are just stupid, rather than unavoidable, but ...

  | You can set CLEANDEPENDS="no" in your pkg_comp's configuration file,

I'll try it again, I was pretty sure I tried that in the past, but
who knows...

I did send a PR (still open) ages ago with changes to pkg_comp to
make doing the "make clean" optional (defaults to doing it, but easy
to disable).  The original motivation for that was to enable debugging
of the build (without having to repeat the build manually inside the
chroot) when something failed and more analysis is needed than just
scanning stdout/stderr, but it does also speed up the post-build process...

  | Anyways to finish the PKG_DEVELOPER issue; something like the patch I
  | had attached to the other message might solve it for everybody even if
  | the default changes to "yes"; when "no" also means "no" and not "yes"
  | I'd be fine with that part already.

The patch looked fine, no problems with that (but I'm not a pkgsrc


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