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Re: ${PYPKGPREFIX}- for package names (and wip/py-buildbot)

On 2009-06-30, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:

> So the py prefix is only for wrappers/interfaces like py24-libxml2-2.6.30, 
> py24-libxslt-1.1.22, and py25-expat-0nb4.
> Can someone confirm this for this package? (So I will remove the PKGNAME 
> line so the PYPKGPREFIX is not prefixed.)

I think that PYPKGPREFIX should be necessary for any package that
installs libraries into lib/python*/site-packages.  It seems perfectly
reasonable for me to install both py25-buildbot and py26-buildbot on the
same host (for instance, to run buildbots that test for backwards
compatibility with python versions).  This should dictate that that the
buildbot executable is installed as e.g. buildbot2.5 and buildbot2.6.

FWIW, I have written code that doesn't use the buildbot executable but
extends the buildbot module, so this module in particular is very much
an interface in my mind.  Though, I think this principal should probably
apply to ~all Python packages.

  - Oliver

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