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Re: sysutils/amanda not working - resolved

At 11:17 Uhr -0400 15.06.2008, Greg Troxel wrote:
  4. The new version maintains a new file /etc/amandates but does not
     create it when it doesn't exist.  This file needs to be manually
     created on all amanda clients.  I'm not sure if this should be
     handled automatically by the build process, so I did not file a
     PR for this.

     As a side note, I've noticed that even after a successful backup
     run, nothing has been entered into the /etc/amandates file that
     I created.  But the file must exist in order for the sendsize
     (and presumably sendbackup) programs to work properly.

Upstream bug, perhaps.  Should be in VARBASE/amanda, but that may be

Well, it's analog to /etc/dumpdates, I guess.


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