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Re: sysutils/amanda not working - resolved

OK, I finally got things resolved!

There are several issues:

1. I don't run IPv6, so I need to build amanda without IPv6 support.
   I temporarily hacked the makefile to add

        CONFIGURE_ARGS+= --without-ipv6

   to make it build.  Once that got me a little further, I created
   PR pkg/38957 with an attached patch to add support for


2. Previous versions of amanda provided an appropriate default value
   for tapedev (ie, /dev/nrst0), but the new version does not.  So I
   had to add that to my amanda.conf file.  The new default value of
   "null" is documented in the amanda.conf(5) man page, so I did not
   file a PR for this.  But it sure would be nice if the update
   process would tell you about this change in behaviour.  :)

3. Previous versions of amanda defaulted to /usr/pkg/etc/amanda for
   the amanda.conf's indexdir parameter.  The new version defaults to
   /usr/adm/amanda which doesn't exist on NetBSD.  I've filed PR
   pkg/38958 for this, and for now have added indexdir parameter to
   my amanda.conf file.

4. The new version maintains a new file /etc/amandates but does not
   create it when it doesn't exist.  This file needs to be manually
   created on all amanda clients.  I'm not sure if this should be
   handled automatically by the build process, so I did not file a
   PR for this.

   As a side note, I've noticed that even after a successful backup
   run, nothing has been entered into the /etc/amandates file that
   I created.  But the file must exist in order for the sendsize
   (and presumably sendbackup) programs to work properly.

After addressing all the above issues, I've got amanda 2.5.2p1 up
and running.

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