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Re: sysutils/amanda not working - resolved

On Sun, 15 Jun 2008, Greg Troxel wrote:


No problem with using the standard option.

 2. Previous versions of amanda provided an appropriate default value
    for tapedev (ie, /dev/nrst0), but the new version does not.  So I
    had to add that to my amanda.conf file.  The new default value of
    "null" is documented in the amanda.conf(5) man page, so I did not
    file a PR for this.  But it sure would be nice if the update
    process would tell you about this change in behaviour.  :)

True, but that's what upstream NEWS is for, and when dealing with pkgsrc
I don't try to accomodate upstream lack of perfection too hard - it's
too much work.

Ok - no problem.

 3. Previous versions of amanda defaulted to /usr/pkg/etc/amanda for
    the amanda.conf's indexdir parameter.  The new version defaults to
    /usr/adm/amanda which doesn't exist on NetBSD.  I've filed PR
    pkg/38958 for this, and for now have added indexdir parameter to
    my amanda.conf file.

I took the PR, but I think things belong in /usr/pkg/var/amanda since
etc is for config.  ok with you?

Yes - that's a much better location.

4. [amandates file]

Upstream bug, perhaps.  Should be in VARBASE/amanda, but that may be

Yup. But since it dosn't make any difference to me, and the file is only actually used for gnu-tar backups (dump uses standard file in
/etc/dumpdates), I'm not going to worry too much about it.  And the
current location isn't too bad considering where the standard file lives.

Thanks for picking these up. Nice to know that I didn't slog through all this for nothing! :)

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