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Re: Unusable Realtek NIC after upgrading to NetBSD 9

Sorry for the huge delay.

On set 18 15:48, Vincent DEFERT wrote:
> Engrampa is the archive manager of MATE.

Oh, ok, I used MATE only a couple of times and didn't remeber it.

> The files besides the .bin have .exe, .dll and .sys suffixes, likely the
> firmware update utility for Windows users.
> _If your BIOS has a firmware update functionality_, it will be able to do
> the job safely, or will issue an error message it it can't.
> I have applied this technique to an Intel NUC and it is what I've observed.
> The only risk then is to use an improper firmware and brick the laptop, but
> I think you have already checked that.

Ok, thanks, now it's all more clear (I had not much experience with BIOS

> You may also want to check the release notes of the firmware update to see
> if it is worth applying.

A very good advice. After some tricky Google search, they should be:

The only relevant line I find is:

- Provides improved security for UEFI EDK2.

(and then HP ``strongly recommends'' it, maybe due to the security). I
have installed NetBSD without UEFI, thus using the old interface.
If this is the only feature carried by this update, it seems not useful for
my issue.
If you don't agree, or you would suggest anyway to make the update, let
me know.


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