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Re: Unusable Realtek NIC after upgrading to NetBSD 9

On set 16 12:22, Martin Husemann wrote:
> Can you please provide full dmesg, and output and from
> 	pcictl dump -b 3 -d 0 -f 0

Full dmesg from 8.1 kernel:

Full dmesg from current (9.99.72) kernel:

Output of `pcictl pci0 dump -b 3 -d 0 -f 0':

> Could be anyhting, like newer ACPI version or whatever. Have you checked
> for firmware updates for your machine?

This is a very old laptop. I just found a 2014 firmware update (which
I'm almost sure had not been installed), but it's only available for
Windows, so, having only NetBSD, I couldn't install it.
About ACPI, I really don't know, but I hope that the two dmesg can
provide some more information.


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