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Re: Unusable Realtek NIC after upgrading to NetBSD 9

Sorry, I wasn't able to read this message till now, for some (recurring)
issues with this e-mail address (this is why I sometimes use instead).

On set 11  9:33, Greg Troxel wrote:

> It sounds like the only issue is the re0 card, and everything else is
> ok.  If that's not true, would be good to send an update with more
> details.

It really seems that everything else is ok, included the WiFi card.

> I would suggest comparing the 8.1 dmesg to the 9 one carefully
> especially around interrupts.  It sort of seems like maybe the tx done
> and/or receive interupts are not arriving.

Yes, this was similar to the suggestion from Martin. The difference I
see is that 8.1 used MSI interrupts, while 9.0 uses MSI-X.
Also, 8.1 used ukphy(4), while 9.0 uses rlphy(4), which is specific for


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