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Re: Unusable Realtek NIC after upgrading to NetBSD 9

On set 15 17:37, Martin Husemann wrote:

> Good point, can you try disabling rlphy in your kernel config?

As in my first message:

[With 9.0] ``I also tried to boot disabling rlphy(4) (`userconf
disable rlphy' from the boot prompt), and ukphy(4) is used instead,
but nothing changed. The same happens with netbsd-9 (stable)''.

with -current (NetBSD 9.99.72), the PHY is not even considered, the
last kernel lines regarding the NIC are just:

[     1.004075] re0 at pci3 dev 0 function 0: RealTek
8100E/8101E/8102E/8102EL PCIe 10/100BaseTX (rev. 0x05)
[     1.004075] re0: interrupting at msix3 vec 0
[     1.004075] re0: reset never completed!
[     1.004075] re0: Ethernet address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
[     1.004075] re0: using 256 tx descriptors
[     1.004075] ifmedia_set: no match for 0x20/0xfffffff

This also happens when booting 9.99.72 with `userconf disable rlphy'.
I don't know the underlying code, but maybe the shift to MSI-X is
more significant than PHY?


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