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Re: Old thinkpad and X11, 6.1.2 update


Robert Elz wrote:
To summarise for anyone else who might be reading, and able to help,
Riccardo has a thinkpad (relatively old) that has what looks to be some
kind of hardware resource conflict between the cardbus (or its devices)
and the display adaptor.
Indeed, without X all the tried cards work fine! Without cards, X works :)

The effect is that the display hangs (does nothing) when a cardbus
card is plugged in (tested with wired & wireless network cards, but
it seems irrelevant whether they're in use or not.)

To me that smells like an interrupt being stolen by the cardbus system
somehow that X needs to control the display (wscons clearly doesn't,
as that apparently works just fine).

With no cardbus cards plugged in X works fine.  The cardbus cards
themselves work fine.

Anyone have any suggestions for Riccardo to try ?
Robert suggested to me to try running with ACPI disabled, I thus booted wth both the "acpi disabled" and "apci and SMP disabled" options.

Here things get even stranger: if a card is plugged in at boot (or plugged into the system at a later stage) the system just hangs. It won't finish booting and removing it doesn't unlock the system. No relation with X.

This hints even more that there is some kind of weird configuration and kernel issue.


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