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Various size of (Project) ideas for NetBSD and pkgsrc


I have (or have heard) some ideas for NetBSD and pkgsrc.
Can someone add them to
with good English and proper classification, if it seems ok?
I cannot be mentor, because of lack of ability sadly.

(1) Add UEFI boot support for NetBSD/amd64
I do not have newer PC, but I have heard newer PC uses UEFI to boot OSes
instead of BIOS.
Boot with UEFI should be added to NetBSD/amd64 (I do not know whether UEFI is
available for i386 or not).
I have seen EFI support option in Oracle VirtualBox.
No newer PC may not be needed for development.

(2) Create multiple packages from one pkgsrc package directory
For example, pkgsrc/fonts/harfbuzz has icu option and theoretically
non-icu part and icu part can be separate package, but splitting
only icu part from harfbuzz is difficult in configure/build stage.
In rpm (Red Hat package manager) case, "build once and multiple packages is
created" is realized with custom do-install target.
"build once" means reduce of build time.

(3) Restore MIPS support for NetBSD 6 and current
Sadly all my MIPS device is not usable with NetBSD 6 and current.
If NetBSD 7 is released, NetBSD 5 support is dropped, and
I cannot use supported NetBSD/mips on any MIPS hardware.
In this case, I have spare NetBSD/cobalt machine (Cobalt raq), and
I can send it to project worker worldwide.

(4) Add OSS4 support to NetBSD
I want to use newer wine (pkgsrc/emulators/wine). But according to
pkgsrc/doc/TODO, OSS3 support is dropped and I cannot use newer wine anymore.
Adding OSS4 support makes me happy.

(5) Add XFS support to NetBSD
I have heard Red Hat Enterprise Linux will use XFS as standard filesystem.
Accessing Linux's filesystem is useful and important feature.
At least I am not sticky to BSD licensed version.
I feel treating like ZFS is good idea.

(6) Porting Chromium web browser to NetBSD
I have not tested build of Chromium (open source edition of Google Chrome),
and I have a few experience about Google Chrome.
Chromium may be useful web browser for NetBSD.

(7) Apache OpenOffice for NetBSD
I have completely no idea about Apache OpenOffice.
It may be one of the most important application.

(8) Porting NetBSD to some FPGA CPU board
OpenCores' OpenRISC 1200, Xilinx's MicloBlaze, Altera NIOS II is
available for FPGA board.
At least OpenRISC 1200 and MicroBlaze have Linux support.
Supporting these architecture is interesting for NetBSD.
(I have no idea about NetBSD/nios2 status.)

(9) Add Microsoft's Hyper-V support to NetBSD
There is two types of Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012's Hyper-V
and Windows Server 2012R2's Hyper-V.
I have heard Windows Server 2012's Hyper-V is supported on
FreeBSD. But I cannot find the code for it.
Similar to NetBSD/azure?

(10) Porting Broadcom's brcmfmac and brcmsmac WiFi driver to NetBSD
brcmfmac and brcmsmac are ISC licensed Linux driver for Broadcom's
WiFi adapter.
My MacBook Air mid 2012 has brcmfmac or brcmsmac device.
Supporting the device makes me happy.
Web page is in 500 - Internal Server Error now sadly.

(11) Improve NetBSD/evbearm support
As you know, NetBSD/evbearm has some problems. , for Kirkwood and for pkg_add

(14) commit mail of wiki
I have heard some difficulties, but I do not know it in detail.

(15) user-editable wiki site
If is not suitable for this purpose.
Different URL (even domain name) should be considered.

(16) Updating compat_linux
I cannot run firefox's Linux binary with compat_linux.

(17) DTrace's syscall provider
I cannot test riz@'s DTrace syscall provider patch.
But syscall provider support should be added to NetBSD.

(18) Porting valgrind to NetBSD
I have heard only old version is available.

(19) Support some Linux infrastructure that is used by Gnome
systemd or other mechanism is used by Gnome related software.
I do not know much about them, but sometimes I encounter systemd or
similar mechanism are not found error when creating pkgsrc packages.
I am discouraged with the error.

(20) Add inotify interface to NetBSD
Some software that targets Linux use inotify, I have heard
*BSD has kqueue support and it should be used.
But implementing Linux compatible inotify with kqueue or similar is useful
for using some software on NetBSD.

(21) Enable Firefox's WebRTC support
Something is wrong and I cannot enable Firefox's WebRTC support.
Problem is in SCTP (what is it?) code and linking.

(22) Creating better conversion tool for CVS to anywhere
Joerg's src and pkgsrc repositories on github is great, but it seems that
it has no tags. His tool is not sufficient for moving from CVS
to somewhere.

(23) Lua support for kernel and userland
Lua is imported to NetBSD base, but nothing uses it.
And update is not done.
Lua kernel support should be imported, or remove it from base.

Thank you.

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